For as long as I can remember Clickbank has always been the “go to” digital marketplace. About 2 years ago when I first started internet marketing I tried looking up “ways to make money online” and so on and on. All my searching pondering eventually led me to Clickbank and their extremely over-hyped get rich quick products and push button software.I invested.. excuse me, I WASTED over a thousand dollars in buying their compelling stories about how they made it online and how they were going to make me succeed.

A Brief History – Before There Was ClickSure

After miserably failing for almost a year I finally made it and I started to make money, and I just felt really sad for others who were going to be tricked and going to buy these made up guru products. Well luck just came our way not too long ago. Clickbank was getting a massive amount of complaints from buyers about these schemes that they just had to take action if they wanted to protect their reputation. And believe me, they did!

Clickbank revised its product policy to be so strict that no over-hyped sales letter ever made it. Each and every request brought to Clickbank was rejected. So for a few months we didn’t see a single launch like we were used to seeing in the old days, but suddenly I started getting promo email advertising one of these get rich products, i think it was called “Quick Click Commissions”. I was a bit suspicios because I knew Clickbank was no longer allowing these type of products to be sold in their marketplace. So I went to the sales page and clicked the checkout button to see where it takes me, and well guess what we have here…!

How Gained Traction

From that day on more and more gurus found out about this new marketplace and my email was yet again bombarded by shitty email promos. The same thing that happend in Clickbank was now going on at ClickSure. 11 moths later and ClickSure products are still going strong with more people listing their products on the marketplace, and let me tell you this, just because more people are selling at ClickSure doesn’t make it a good marketplace and let me tell you just why.

Here is my main review points of

- much harder to get a refund then Clickbank

- support isn’t always there

- their policy is very lenient (get rich quick schemes have a new home)

ClickSure Attitude Towards Vendors & Consumers

As you can see ClickSure isn’t too consumer friendly BUT what surprised me is that they are really good to their vendors (sellers,gurus etc.) and here is why, but first take note of what I meanted above which were all negatives that only affected the buyer in the end. Here is why vendors would love their products on ClickSure.

- weekly payouts (Clickbank to wait 2 weeks before getting paid)

- since its harder to refund many gurus get to keep the money they cheated out of people so its higher earnings then their used to (Clickbank had an automated refund system where you can be refunded anytime no questions asked)

- any and products are accepted even the really shitty ones we all hate to see in our inbox

Final Thoughts…

With that said I really don’t like ClickSure and honestly many people believe its as scam, I mean it could has potential if the owners really take care of the buyers rather then the vendors. In the end though I really doubt that ClickSure’s current policies are going to last either since I’m certain some customers are going to take legal action because someone wouldn’t refund them.

If you have purchased something from ClickSure, sold on or participated in this marketplace somehow please leave any comments, concerns or questions below and will engage in a beneficial back to back conversation.

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7 Responses to My Review Of – The New Clickbank!

  1. Claude says:

    I do not understand your critique of the refund policy.

    have you personally tried to refund something I have had no problems simply submit the ticket an refund was pretty fast.

    in fact some affiliates complain that the refund policy is too lax

    if you want something refunded simply go to this URL

    • Admin says:

      Hey Claude, actually your right that form is used for refund requests but in the end its up to the vendor to accept the request and they are obligated too but sometimes you just have that vendor who wants to keep all their sales and so tries to make it hard for customers to get their money back thus hoping that they will eventually forget about it, now that not to say there arn’t honest vendors and Clicksure is doing their best to keep vendors tied down with the 60 money back guarantee but I what I was saying is that Clickbank is notorious for their refund policy and how fast they act on it, for clicksure we can be too sure yet or at’least not until a few years have passed so we can fully assess the companies capabilities to act on its customers needs…thanks for the comment and for the useful link though :)

  2. Samuel says:

    ok sir, I’m really pissed off, I used that form above to submit my refund request on October 2nd for a product in the IM niche and today is the 25th of october and I still haven’t got my refund, I contacted support and they said that the vendor has to manually approve the debit back to my card!! what the f**k , i thought it was a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* so what it up to the vendor to give me back my money…or what..

    • Anwar says:

      Hey Samuel, ok , this is what you should do, go to the site you purchased your product from and look at the bottom of the page you will usually see a support email address or phone number that go directly to the owners of the product you just purchased instead of the Clicksure support. Tell them you “DEMAND a refund from them, or you will take legal action against them” and I’m pretty sure the will give your money back in a jiffy.

      Even though Clicksure tries to enforce their money back guarntee as much as possible SOME vendors still wait out on refund request’s hoping that the people asking for their money back will soon forget and so they eventually keep most of the cash they brought in. YUP my brother thats how dirty some people are but then again there are a’lot of honest vendors on clicksure who will give you’r refund a’lost instantly. Nonetheless , good luck Samuel :)

  3. jed says:

    it seems like clicksure traffic has slowed down, I wonder why?:)

  4. LEON LAPLACE says:


    • Anwar O. says:

      you should try and contact the “project first sale” reps directly via an email or phone number provided at the bottom of their sales page, let me know if that works out for you, i know its hectic but its worth getting your money back.

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